A letter from dr.Woznuk

January 25th, 2019
Dr. Woznuk and Dr. Admin shaking hands and smiling

Dear Patients and Friends,

​I have decided to retire from the practice of Dentistry.  I have enjoyed my dental practice these past 37 years.  Our warm relationships and knowing many of you on a personal basis has enriched my life.  I am deeply grateful for the trust you have placed in me over the years while providing dental care for you.​

It is my pleasure to introduce Dr. Ajay Amin, who graduated from the University of California San Francisco Dental School.  Also, Dr. Amin attended a one-year Implant Residency at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  I handpicked Dr. Amin from several parties interested in my practice.  Dr. Amin shares my philosophy of care- the golden rule with the professional skill and judgment to implement it.

​I am very grateful to my staff for all the great years of service that they have given me.  They have all agreed to stay on and work with Dr. Amin.  There will be continuity with the x-rays and other records so that you can continue with your appointments as you have done in the past.​

Dr. Ajay Amin is well qualified to handle all of your family’s dental needs.  I feel confident that you will want to continue as patients under his care.  He is a warm, friendly, considerate individual with a pleasant personality.​

I want to express my warmest welcome to Dr. Ajay Amin and sincerely hope you will give him the opportunity of fulfilling your family’s dental needs.​

Again, my heartfelt thank you for all of your valued support and friendship through the years.

Larry A. Woznuk, D.D.S

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