Is a Dental Bridge Better Than an Implant? Explaining the Differences & Benefits

Dental bridges and dental implants are two of the most popular choices for replacing missing teeth in San Diego. But which option is better for you? Let’s take a look at the benefits of both treatments in this blog from Lighthouse Dental.

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What To Expect When You Get A Same-Day Crown – A Step-By-Step Guide

Same-day crowns are a huge advance in dental technology. Unlike traditional crowns, which require 2+ appointments over several weeks, same-day CEREC crowns at Lighthouse Dental can be placed by Dr. Ajay Amin in just a single 1-2 hour appointment. How does this process work? Read on, and find out!

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What To Expect When You Get A Same-Day Crown – Understanding The Basics

If you have a broken tooth, a large cavity, or a crown that’s fallen out, Dr. Ajay Amin is here to help! With our CEREC same-day crowns in Point Loma, we can restore your smile in just a single appointment, and ensure you get relief from your pain and discomfort, as well as peace of mind.

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The Benefits Of Dental Bonding – See If It’s Right For You!

With so many different cosmetic dentistry options available at Lighthouse Dental, you may not be sure what the best choice is to restore your smile in Point Loma, Old Town, or Ocean Beach.

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