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Dental Bonding In Point Loma

If you’re suffering from cosmetic problems with your smile such as misshapen or uneven teeth, severe stains, or gaps between your teeth, Dr. Ajay Amin is here to help. At Lighthouse Dental, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry, including dental bonding. Bonding is a fast, affordable way to restore your smile and your self-confidence, and it’s a great option for most patients. Learn more below, or contact us now for a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Amin.

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understanding the basics

What is dental bonding? 

Dental bonding is a method of cosmetic dentistry that uses tooth-colored resin to reshape and restore your teeth. During the bonding process, this resin is applied to the tooth, and Dr. Amin will use special dental tools and a drill to shape, sculpt, and trim the resin until it looks just like a natural part of the tooth’s structure.

The entire process is completely non-invasive, and it only takes about 30-60 minutes to treat each tooth. Compared to other treatments like veneers, it’s also a lot less expensive, so it’s a great option for patients who are self-conscious about their smile and want to restore their teeth, but are on a tight budget.

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The dental bonding process

To begin, Dr. Amin will clean your teeth, then apply a mild acid to the surface of the teeth that will be bonded. This roughens the enamel slightly, which allows for a better hold when the resin is applied. Numbing and sedation are not typically necessary for this procedure. 

Then, Dr. Amin will apply dental resin directly to one of your teeth, and begin shaping it and sculpting it with specialized dental tools. Once the overall shape looks good, he will harden it with a UV light, then refine and trim it using a dental drill. 

Finally, the tooth will be polished and your bite will be checked to ensure that the bonding material does not affect the way your teeth fit together. This process will be repeated if you’re having multiple teeth bonded in one appointment.

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caring for your new smile

Keep your bonded teeth healthy

For the most part, you can treat your newly-bonded teeth just like you would treat natural teeth. Take care to brush at least twice a day and floss once a day to keep them clean, and ensure that your smile remains healthy and free of cavities and gum disease.

In addition, you should come to Lighthouse Dental for regular six-month cleanings and checkups with Dr. Amin, so that he can ensure that your bonded teeth are healthy. Preventive care is essential for keeping your smile strong.

Finally, you should avoid certain behaviors that may damage your bonded teeth. The material used for bonding is quite strong, but it can still break or become dislodged, in some cases. Avoid chewing very hard foods (ice or almonds, for example) with your front teeth. 

You should also never chew any non-food objects (such as pens, pencils or fingernails) with your bonded teeth, and you shouldn’t use your teeth as “tools” to do things like tear a piece of tape or open a bag of chips. These behaviors could damage or dislodge the material used to restore your teeth.

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