Is a Dental Bridge Better Than an Implant? Explaining the Differences & Benefits

Dental bridges and dental implants are two of the most popular choices for replacing missing teeth in San Diego. But which option is better for you? Let’s take a look at the benefits of both treatments in this blog from Lighthouse Dental.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

The first benefit of dental bridges is that they do not require any major surgery. They use two crowns to hold one or more false teeth in place, and these can be attached directly to two of your healthy teeth. While some enamel must be removed, there is no need to conduct surgery on your gums and jaw, unlike with implants.

Dental bridges also provide fast results. You can get a bridge in about 2-3 weeks, while dental implants take up to 3-6 months or longer. Dental implants require more time because the implant post must heal and integrate with your natural jaw bone. This is a lengthy process. 

And, just like dental implants, dental bridges look and feel very natural, allowing you to replace one or more missing teeth and smile, chew, and speak with confidence once again. Nobody will be able to tell that your bridge is not a natural part of your smile. 

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have a few unique benefits compared to bridges. First, they support and stimulate your jaw bone. Unlike a bridge, which sits above your gums and jaw bone, an implant is surgically placed into the bone, where it bonds with your jaw. 

So when you chew, bite, and close your mouth, the implant stimulates the jaw bone, keeping it strong and preventing bone loss. Bridges don’t have this benefit.

Dental implants also look and feel extremely natural, like bridges, and are easier to clean. Single-tooth implants can be treated just like any of your other teeth. Just brush and floss regularly. That’s it! In contrast, bridges take a little more practice to clean properly.

Lifespan of Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implants

While dental implants and dental bridges both have unique benefits, there is one area where implants are always a superior choice, and that’s the overall lifespan of treatment.

Dental bridges usually last about 10 years. In contrast, dental implants can easily last 30+ years with proper care, and most patients will be able to keep them for the rest of their lives. So while implants may require you to invest more time and money up-front, they are a superior long-term option for replacing a missing tooth.

Consult With Dr. Ajay Amin to Learn More About Your Options

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